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How To Register, Earnings And More

Whether you are just starting out as a coach, or just want to fill the gaps in your schedule by helping students, the InstaPreps App will help you in connecting with students 24*7. InstaPreps is a coach on-demand app that students use to solve their doubts, learn concepts and boost their confidence.

InstaPreps has grown a lot since the commencement and has become a go to app for students from class 4th - 12th and also for competitive exams like JEE/NEET.

Three Steps To Become A coach


Download app and setup profile

Once you are screened, download the InstaPreps app from the play store for free. Enter your name, email id, number and upload a profile pic to set up your profile. After signing up, go to Account (option in hamburger menu) -> Switch to Teacher and enter the passcode provided correctly.


Fill in profile details to finish the setup

Your profile is essentially your portfolio to attract the right students according to your expertise. Make sure you are keeping it up to date based on what you know by selecting the correct board, class and subject. Make sure the details being provided by you are latest and authentic. Your profile details have an impact on the type of students you will attract to solve doubts.


Start getting calls from students

All you need to do is make your status online and now you are all set to receive calls from students. Treat your calls as a platform to market yourselves to the students. Introduce yourself, greet your students with politeness, address their needs and concerns and ask them questions for better understanding.

Subjects for teaching

We Only Select Top 5% Of The coaches From The Pool For Quality

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does InstaPreps App Work?

As a coach, it is important for you to choose your subjects and topics of interest so that you can get connected to the right students. InstaPreps is a one-to-one coaching and confidence boosting app. When a student asks a doubt by posting a question (image / text), you will be notified on the app. You will be able to see the question beforehand so that you can decide whether you want to pick up the call or not. If you choose to answer the question, you will be connected to the student via audio or a video call. Ideally, it should not take more than 10-15 minutes to solve the student’s question. But you are free to extend the call if you feel the student needs a better understanding of the concept. After the call is completed, it will be saved in your history dashboard. There will be a bimonthly payment based on the time you spend to solve the doubts.

What is the registration process of the InstaPreps App?

Post your screening and profile completion, there are certain formalities that you will need to complete for verification purposes. You will need to follow a KYC process - this will include your information and a video-based KYC. KYC will require submitting your college or a valid photo ID with a photo on the app for verification. You will also need to get the PAN card verification done so that we are able to pay you on time without any hassles. It normally takes 48 hours to verify but you can take calls on InstaPreps irrespective of it. All your calls are being saved in our database.

When and how will I receive my payments from the InstaPreps App?

Our payment cycle is in the 1st weekof every alternate month via bank transfer.

You will receive a notification on the app with the details of your earnings. You can also see the details of your earnings on the Teachers dashboard in the App.


You'll be eligible for the withdrawal once your earnings cross INR 100.

From the day of billing it takes 5-7 working days to transfer the payment.

What is the compensation offered by InstaPreps App?

The compensation is as follows -

You'll be eligible for the withdrawal once your earnings cross INR 100.

0 min to 15 minutes (from 6th minute) : Rs. 8/min

Eg: ₹140 for 20mins call (15mins*₹8/min) + (5mins*₹4/min)

16th min to 25 minutes (from 16th minute) : Rs. 4/min

Eg: ₹140 for 20mins call (15mins*₹8/min) + (5mins*₹4/min)

16th min to 25 minutes (from 16th minute) : Rs. 4/min

Eg: ₹200 for 40mins call (15mins*₹8/min) + (15mins*₹4/min) + (10mins*₹2/min)

From 45th min onward : Rs. 0/min

Eg: ₹210 for 50mins(or higher) call (15mins*₹8/min) + (15mins*₹4/min) + (15mins*₹2/min) + (5mins*₹0/min)

Important - The per hour call rates are built by the minutes. Total billing for a single call increases linearly up to 15 minutes and after that logarithmically. You're advised not to take unnecessary lengthy calls beyond 15 minutes. We would incentivize taking more calls and not long calls. E.g., You take 4 calls of 15 mins in an hour, you get full compensation.

You take 1 call of 60 minutes; you will end up making 50% of what you could have made by having 4 different calls of 15 - 20 minutes with different students.

Do I have to spend a fixed number of hours on the InstaPreps App?

Since the InstaPreps coaches are not full time, we have made sure that they are not burdened with the work. As a coach, it entirely depends upon you whether you want to work. You exercise full liberty over your decisions whether you want to take a call at a specific time or not or what questions you want to respond to.

You are not compelled to come online if you are busy with any other engagements. At times, even if you are not able to come online for a whole day, it is not an issue for us. This is a student-friendly internship where you yourself decide when you want to work and how much you want to work. There are no deadlines or targets that you have to achieve and you will be paid according to the amount of time you have spent on call, whenever you are able to take them.

Is my privacy intact in the InstaPreps App?

Respecting the privacy of an individual is our core policy and you need not worry about anything endangering your privacy. Your personal information stays just with the organization and will not be shared with anyone. Make sure you don't share your contact on InstaPreps call & also don’t ask for it from students.

For any queries or grievance procedure, contact us at:[email protected]

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